Ph.D. students

Katharina Sewart - 2016 / research associate in Carla Green's lab at UT Southwestern, Dallas

Julia Kamenz - 2015 / postdoc in Jim Ferrell's lab at Stanford University

Stephanie Heinrich - 2013  /  postdoc in Karsten Weis' lab at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland

André Koch - 2012  /  postdoc in René Medema's lab at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam / head of laboratory at the University Hospital Tübingen, Germany

Hanna Windecker - 2011  /  postdoc in Helle Ulrich's lab at the IMB, Mainz, Germany

Yu-Hua Huang - 2011  /  postdoc at the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan

Ashapurno Biswas - 2010  /  postdoc at the Paterson Institute, Manchester, UK / now researcher in Canada

Bachelor, Masters, Diploma students

Armin Kubis - Bachelor thesis 2012  /  Masters studies at the University of Heidelberg, Germany / Graduate student at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam, Germany

Sabine Graf - Diploma thesis 2012  /  PhD student with Sven Hennig at the Chemical Genomics Centre of the Max Planck Society in Dortmund, Germany

Nicole Hustedt - Diploma thesis 2009  /  PhD thesis with Susan Gasser at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland / postdoc with Daniel Durocher at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Sybille Pfender - Bachelor thesis 2007  /  Masters thesis with Mark Petronczki at the London Research Institute / PhD thesis with Melina Schuh at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

Patrick Rockenfeller - Diploma thesis 2006  / PhD and postdoc with Frank Madeo, University of Graz, Austria; Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Kent, UK

Florian Csintalan - Diploma thesis 2006  /  PhD student with Alexander Gottschalk, University of Frankfurt, Germany

Haoyun Yang  /  PhD student at Ohio State University

Saahil Golia  /  Majoring in Biology (Biomedical Option) at Virginia Tech

Jessica Malc  /  Majoring in Biochemistry and Biology at Virginia Tech

Hunter Haynie  /  Engineer at Pfizer

Jacob Alder  / Medical School

Nadine Schmidt  /  PhD student with Simone Fulda at the University Cancer Center, Frankfurt

Daniyal Kazempour  /  Master's student at the University of Erlangen, Germany

Katrin Bertram  /  Master's student at the IMP, Vienna, Austria

Vera Schmid 

Sina Beier  /  PhD student at the University of Tuebingen, Germany

Julia Busch (née Binder)  /  PhD student at the University of Oxford, UK

Janet Peper  /  Senior Scientist, Pieris Pharmaceuticals

Melanie Maerklin-Stradinger

Christoph Braun

Paula Quecke

Undergraduate researchers

>  6 months

Eva Illgen  /  Technician at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory, Tuebingen, Germany, now retired

Maria Langegger  /  Technician at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory, Tuebingen, Germany

Eva-Maria Schwoerzer  /  Technician at the University of Tuebingen, Germany


Summer students and interns 

(> 2 months)

2017+2018  Erod Baybay (Department of Physics, Virginia Tech)

2017 Jessie Rogers (Liberty University, US; MAOP program)

2015 Christina Peters (Univ. of Konstanz, Germany)  /  Wanda Christ (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

2013 Holda Anagho (Amherst College, US)


2012 Ajinkya Malasane (IIT Guwahati, India)  /  Elise Visco (Univ. of Guelph, Canada)

2011 Svenja Schneider (Univ. of Konstanz, Germany)  /  Julia Sauerwald (Univ. of Tuebingen, Germany)

2010 Kelly Werner (Univ. of Notre Dame, US)

2008 Mehmet Fatih Bolukbasi (Bilkent Univ., Turkey)

2007 Margot Bowen (Duke University, US)