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Elucidating the principles of accurate cell division. 


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  • 2019-07 - Summer lab trip: peach picking and sharp top

  • 2019-05 - 2019-07 - Summer conferences: Eric attended the Gordon Conference on Chromosome Dynamics, Doug went to BirdsCaribbean, and Silke to the EMBO workshops on Chromosome Segregation and Aneuploidy, on Fission Yeast, and to the Cell Cycle Meeting.

  • 2019-04 - Claire, Erod and Wendi have been presenting at the VT Undergraduate Research Symposium.

  • 2019-04 - Claire Morton won third place in her category at the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair - after already having won her category at the Regional Fair. Big congratulations! 

  • 2019-02 - Erod Baybay won first poster prize at the Departmental Research Day. Congratulations!

  • 2018-12 - Lab trip to the art museum in Roaonoke + creative pottery

  • 2018-10 - Joseph Stefano is receiving one of the department’s undergraduate research awards.

  • 2018-09 - Kaysha Perrin has joined the group to speed up our generation of yeast strains with interesting modifications.

  • 2018-09 - New paper with Fridolin Gross and Andrea Ciliberto on mitotic checkpoint signaling.

  • 2018-07- Silke has been at the FASEB conference on “Yeast Chromosome Biology & Cell Cycle”.

  • 2018-07 - Erod and Kenrick have been presenting at the summer undergraduate research symposium.

  • 2018-04 - Haoyun accepted a graduate student position at Ohio State University. We are very happy for him, but sad to see him leave.

  • 2018-04 - Haoyun and Silke were at the M4 (Mid-Atlantic Mitosis and Meiosis Meeting). Ellen Garcia from Daniela Cimini's group was one of the co-organizers.

  • 2018-02 - Haoyun and Eric presented a poster at our yearly Research Day.

  • 2017-12 - Doug, Eric and Silke are at the ASCB/EMBO Meeting in Philadelphia.

  • 2017-11/12 - Varun and Drisya have started as new postdocs. Welcome!

  • 2017-08 - Eric was awarded a Fralin Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations!

  • 2017-08 - International Conference for Systems Biology here at Virginia Tech, and our collaborator Alex Anyaegbunam from Stefan Legewie's group at the IMB in Mainz, Germany, is visiting to discuss our project.

  • 2017-07 - We hiked to the beautiful Cascades to go swimming.

  • 2017-05 - Lots of new people in the lab: George Murray has joined over the summer to work on the synchronicity of chromosome separation; Doug Weidemann will join us as technician in June; and Eric Esposito, Jessie Rogers, Nicholas Anderson, and Stephan Kim will be doing undergraduate research over the summer.

  • 2017-04 - Tatiana and Silke have been marching for science.

  • 2017-04 - Katharina's paper on Cdc20 inhibition by the mitotic checkpoint has come out in Current Biology. Also check out the related paper by Kevin Hardwick's group.

  • 2017-03 - We have been on retreat with the Ciliberto group in Italy! Lots of science, and lots of fun.