How do complexity and reliability go together

Elucidating the principles of accurate cell division. 


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  • 2018-04  -  Haoyun accepted a graduate student position at Ohio State University. We are very happy for him, but sad to see him leave. 
  • 2018-04  -  Haoyun and Silke were at the M4 (Mid-Atlantic Mitosis and Meiosis Meeting)Ellen Garcia from Daniela Cimini's group was one of the co-organizers. 
  • 2018-02  -  Haoyun and Eric presented a poster at our yearly Research Day. 
  • 2017-12  -  Doug, Eric and Silke are at the ASCB/EMBO Meeting in Philadelphia. 
  • 2017-11/12  -  Varun and Drisya have started as new postdocs. Welcome! 
  • 2017-08  -  Eric was awarded a Fralin Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations! 
  • 2017-08  -  International Conference for Systems Biology here at Virginia Tech, and our collaborator Alex Anyaegbunam from Stefan Legewie's group at the IMB in Mainz, Germany, is visiting to discuss our project. 
  • 2017-07  -  We hiked to the beautiful Cascades to go swimming. 
  • 2017-05  -  Lots of new people in the lab: George Murray has joined over the summer to work on the synchronicity of chromosome separation; Doug Weidemann will join us as technician in June; and Eric Esposito, Jessie Rogers, Nicholas Anderson, and Stephan Kim will be doing undergraduate research over the summer. 
  • 2017-04  -  Tatiana and Silke have been marching for science
  • 2017-04  -  Katharina's paper on Cdc20 inhibition by the mitotic checkpoint has come out in Current Biology. Also check out the related paper by Kevin Hardwick's group. 
  • 2017-03  -  We have been on retreat with the Ciliberto group in Italy! Lots of science, and lots of fun.