How do complexity and reliability go together

Elucidating the principles of accurate cell division. 

Julia's defense

Julia's defense

We are recruiting PhD students!

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  • 2016-09  -  Shradha Lad, Heather Deter, and Kisha Pradhan are starting in the Microbiology graduate program and rotate through our lab. 
  • 2016-09  -  Our review on anaphase regulation by separase has appeared online in Trends in Cell Biology
  • 2016-08  -  Our undergraduate students in the fall semester are: Hunter Haynie, Jess Malc and Haoyun Yang. We are looking forward!
  • 2016-07  -  Anupreet Kour has started as a Research Associate to work on gene expression regulation of the mitotic checkpoint. Welcome!  
  • 2016-07  -  The new Dean of the College of Science, Sally Morton, has visited our lab on her tour through all of the College's departments. 
  • 2016-07  -  NSF and NIH will fund our work on the mitotic checkpoint and mitotic robustness, respectively. 
  • 2016-06  -  Tatiana needed to take a few days off for health reasons, but painted some "mucho cuto" pombe fridge magnets while at home.